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Radon Testing in Highlands Ranch CO

Radon Testing, Highlands Ranch CO

What to Know About Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a common carcinogen. Radon gas is known to cause lung cancer in children and adults.

A large number of homes in the Highlands Ranch CO area have a radon level near or above the actionable limit.

Radon filters out of the soil, not the home. No house, new or old, is fully shielded from radon.

Each house interacts with the topsoil underneath it differently. This is part of the reason why properties adjoining one another can have majorly different radon accumulation.

Radon gas accumulation will fluctuate daily and with the seasons inside of an acceptable range. A short-term radon sample measures a single day or week and is an accurate metric of whether or not the house has a radon gas accumulation.

Radon gas has a lifespan of only days. That means radon concentration will not be worse if the house is sealed for months, days, or years.

How Does Radon Infiltrate the property?

It may surprise you to know that homes are not completely draft-proof.

Radon gas can enter through every grounded vent in the house such as sump drains, plumbing, and slight cracks in the foundation.

The technique to know with certainty the levels of radon gas in the home is to order a radon test.

Our Radon Gas Test Steps

Inspecting a dwelling for radon gas is a special procedure when completed alongside a house sale.

A radon gas specialist will position the radon gas monitors in the home. Radon detectors will be situated on any level that touches the ground. Typically several monitors are left in the house for the radon gas test.

The radon gas technician will seal all windows, shut the vent on the chimney, and make sure the air conditioning is running in the prescribed manner. Your radon gas professional will additionally seal every required window with tamper-proof tape to make sure that closed-house requirements are met.

The radon probes remain in the building for two or three days recording the saturation of radon gas in the building. An expert will revisit the structure once the radon test is completed to remove the devices and write a report.

Give us a call today for a zero-cost price estimate! Our radon testing experts will meet with you to help you with your property, measure your space, and get you on target on making your Highlands Ranch CO property one you can be proud of!

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Adrian Z.★★★★★
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Very quick and responsive. All the gentlemen that came to inspect the residential and commercial buildings were professional. They were also engaging and assuring. Great price. The reports were sent to me promptly and they were easy to read. I will definitely use this company in the future!
Todd P.★★★★★
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They were quick to respond as we had very quick turnaround time needed. They took our inspection with less than 24 hour notice.
Jordan M.★★★★★
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Thanks so much to Envirotech for taking care of our Radon Mitigation test.. Shout out to our service tech, Kerby, for doing an outstanding job accommodating all of our requests and making sure we were truly satisfied and educated with out radon test!

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